4 Most Popular Auto Locksmith Services

March 03 / 2022

4 Most Popular Auto Locksmith Services

Locksmiths are required to serve a wide variety of clients with varying needs. Every customer requires a unique service which may include installing locks, key duplication, lock replacement, key fob programming, and more. However, not all locksmiths provide the same services.

Auto-locksmith services are among the most popular services offered today. This is because cars have become essential parts of our lives, aiding us to transit from one place to another. Hence, it is vital to ensure they are safe and secured from burglars and thieves. This article focuses on the four most popular services provided by auto-locksmiths.

Auto Locksmith Services

Auto locksmiths specialize in vehicle locks and keys. They differ from residential and commercial locksmiths as auto locksmiths only provide services to vehicles. There are many auto-locksmiths in your area, but we recommend Colorado Springs Locksmith for all your locksmith needs. Here are four popular auto locksmith services we provide:

Lockout Service

Lockout services are the most popular service offered by an auto locksmith. Frequently, car owners get out of their cars in a hurry leave the key in the ignition while slamming the door shut, thus leaving the car owner without access to his car.

Auto-locksmiths often provide 24/7 services and respond swiftly to lockout calls as there might be an emergency involving a child locked in the car or the car owner being locked out in an unsafe location. Using special tools, auto locksmiths can help car owners regain safe entry to their vehicles without damaging the lock.

Car Key Replacement

Key replacement is another popular auto locksmith service. Car keys can get lost, leaving the owner stranded, especially when the car owner does not have a spare key. Car key replacement is often required by car owners for different reasons, primarily because of a lost key or a damaged car key.

However, auto locksmiths can provide prompt car key replacement using special tools to duplicate the existing car key from the lock mechanism pattern. Compared to the option of contacting your car dealership for a key replacement, car key replacement by a locksmith is cheaper and faster.

Key Fob Replacement and Programming

A key fob is a wireless remote that allows control of the car via its electronic components. A key fob is usually attached to a mechanical key. However, it can start the car, open the car doors, and set off the alarm without touching the vehicle.

Nevertheless, key fobs are not eternal; they require repairs, replacement, and, most times, reconfiguration to the vehicle. While car owners can attempt key fob replacement, it is advised to allow a professional auto locksmith to handle the job of key fob replacement and programming.

Car Key Extraction

Auto locksmiths do not just specialize in services related to only car locks. Auto locksmiths also provide key extraction services to remove broken keys from the ignition.

Auto locksmiths possess unique skills and tools to remove broken keys and fragments for the ignition or lock without their mechanism. When keys are broken in the ignition, the car will not start. However, if the key is broken in the lock, the vehicle will not unlock.


Auto locksmiths are mobile locksmiths; with one call away, they’ll show up to your location. At Colorado Spring Locksmiths, we understand that a large percentage of auto services are emergencies that require urgent attention. This is why we prioritize swift response to your request and send only the best technicians your way. Give us a call today.

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